Dennis Javelin -  Fuel System


There are three distinct systems fitted to the Javelin.  Early Javelin’s were fitted with a single 80 gallon tank mounted longitudinally along the offside.  Following this a three tank system was used which allowed the coach to be fuelled from either side.  The chassis then reverted to a single tank which is mounted transversely at the rear.


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OE Part No   Our Part No   Part Description                                           Chassis     Price



263452-6      BCP061       Fuel Tank Sender Unit — Transversely Mounted Tank          Late         24.00

408984        BCP003       Fuel Tank — 80 Gallon                                      Early       400.00

403934        BCP545       Fuel Tank Strap — Javelin 80 Gallon Tank                   Early        80.00

413821        BCP056       Fuel Tank — Centre — Triple System                         Mid         240.00

413822        BCP058       Fuel Tank — Outer - Triple System                          Mid         240.00

420005        BCP429       Fuel Tank Strap - Triple System                            Mid          25.00

421855        BCP060       Fuel Tank - Transversely Mounted                           Late        500.00

421885        BCP004       Fuel Tank Strap - Transversely Mounted Tank                Late         30.00

650578-6      BCP297       Fuel Hose between tanks - Triple System                    Mid          30.00

655399        BCP059       Fuel Tank Sender Unit — 80 Gallon Tank                     Early        24.00

655627        BCP057       Fuel Tank Sender Unit — Triple System                      Mid          24.00





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