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Dennis Dart — Gearbox


The most common gearbox found in the Dart is the Allison AT545.  Later models were fitted with the Millennium gearbox.


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OE Part No   Our Part No   Part Description                                           Chassis     Price


248350                     Gearbox Oil Cooler — AT545                                 All         190.00     

3918959      BCP303        Flexplate                                                  All         175.00

411411                     Hose — Filter to Gearbox                                   Mk1&2       14.00

411412                     Hose — Gearbox to Cooler                                   Mk1&2       14.00

411413                     Hose — Cooler to Filter                                    Mk1&2       17.00

425259       BCP191        Hose — Gearbox to Cooler                                   SLF         15.00

425489       BCP189        Hose — Cooler to Filter                                    SLF         12.00

425490       BCP190        Hose — Filter to Gearbox                                   SLF         18.00

610386-2                   Gearbox Inhibitor Switch — AT545                           All         75.00

611575-2                   Gearbox Oil Filter — AT545                                 All        

654779-1                   Oil Filter Kit — Gearbox                                   All

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