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Dennis Dart — Change Speed


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OE Part No   Our Part No   Part Description                                           Chassis     Price



244002-5     BCP340        Gear Selector Cable

244002-6     BCP339        Gear Selector Cable

244002-7     BCP341        Gear Selector Cable

415804-1                   Modulator Cable                                                         75.00

609355                     Solenoid

654505                     Gear Selector                                                           150.00

654505-1                   Reverse switch

654507-1                   Gear Selector Cable — 9m chassis                                        95.00

654507-5                   Gear Selector Cable — 9.8m chassis                                      95.00

654507-6                   Gear Selector Cable — 10.5m chassis                                     95.00

654921-4                   Adaptor

654921-9                   Adaptor

654924                     Tee Piece                                                               5.50

654947-6                   Elbow Adaptor

657278                     Gear Selector                                                           180.00

659340-1    BCP444         Gear Selector Cable

659340-2    BCP445         Gear Selector Cable

659340-3    BCP446         Gear Selector Cable

659340-4    BCP447         Gear Selector Cable

659340-5    BCP448         Gear Selector Cable


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