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Dennis Javelin — D2 Caliper


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OE Part No   Our Part No   Part Description                                                Price


653563       LRG531        Brake Caliper — LH (exchange unit)                              585.00

653563-5     BCP500        Tappet Assembly — LH                                        

653563-6     BCP501        Tappet Assembly — RH

653563-7     BCP093        Brake Pad — Axle Set                                            55.00

653563-8     ST1206        Pad Fitting Kit                                                 48.00

653563-9     SP8999        Guide Pin Kit                                             

653563-11    BCP502        Capscrew

653563-12    BCP503        Spreader Plate

653563-16    BCP504        Cover

653563-19    BCP505        Excluder Kit

653564       LRG530        Brake Caliper — RH (exchange unit)                              585.00

653565       BCP091        Brake Disc                                                      85.00




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