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Dennis Javelin — Clutch & Flywheel Assembly


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OE Part No   Our Part No      Part Description                             Chassis     Price


103313        BC103313       Clutch Pedal Rubber                                      4.00

3280814                      Flywheel & Ring Gear Assembly - 380mm                    585.00

3281203                      Flywheel & Ring Gear Assembly — 420mm                    425.00

3975313       BCP298         Flywheel & Ring Gear Assembly — 395mm                    310.00

              BCP156         Clutch Kit — 380mm                                       310.00

              BCP231         Clutch Kit — 395mm                                       450.00

              BCP154         Clutch Kit — 420mm                                       375.00

610865        PMH111         Clutch Master Cylinder                                   175.00

611877                       Clutch Pipe

613762        n/a            Clutch Cover 380mm                                       See BCP156

651189                       Clutch Servo                                             185.00

651323-125    BCP274         Clutch Ball Pin                                          40.00

651323-126    BCP275         Clutch Ball Cup                                          10.00

651390        n/a            Clutch Release Bearing                                   See BCP

652435        n/a            Clutch Friction Plate 380mm                              See BCP

652362-52     BCP452         Clutch Lever

652362-66     BCP453         Clutch Lever

652618-26     BCP451         Clutch Ball Pin

653567        n/a            Clutch Friction Plate 420mm                              See BCP

653568        n/a            Clutch Release Bearing 420mm                             See BCP

654163        n/a            Clutch Cover 420mm                                       See BCP






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